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How Motherhood Has Changed Ashley Greene’s Outlook on Body Image

Nor will she be voicing any of those concerns out loud, she and Paul both being very careful about allowing Kingsley to absorb any negative body talk. 

“You have to check yourself because they do pick up on everything—your energy, how you talk to yourself, how you speak to each other,” she said of her daughter. “We have to be nicer to ourselves. At least now we’re aware—through magazine covers and social media—women are just so incredibly tough and toxic to themselves sometimes and we’ve really got to work to reprogram ourselves on how we look at ourselves and how we speak to ourselves and what we expect of ourselves.” 

Fortunately, Ashley has a whole pack of new parents she can turn to should she need a reminder. 

Still very much a family, she and her Twilight costars are “in constant contact,” she revealed of their ongoing text message chain. Kingsley was recently introduced to Jackson Rathbone‘s three kids: Monroe, 10, Presley, 6, and Felix, 3, and they’re hoping to add Nikki Reed‘s 5-year-old daughter Bodhi and Peter Facinelli‘s youngest, 5-month-old son Jack, into the mix.



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