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Chris Olsen & Meghan Trainor’s Friendship Is “Deeper” Than a Work Bond

When it comes to his friendship with Meghan Trainor, Chris Olsen isn’t lyin,’ lyin’, lyin’ about how close they are. 

The singer, 29, and the social media star, 25, have become a fixture on TikTok For You Pages, rocking out to her hit “Made You Look” and hanging out with her husband Daryl Sabara and 2-year-old son Riley.

Still, fans’ lips are movin’ and speculating that Chris was hired by Meghan to help her with her TikTok. And now, he’s offering some clarity on the rumors.

“We became friends before all of this, before there were any suspicions or before we ever started working with each other and stuff like that,” Chris told E! News in an exclusive interview. “It’s all based on this real friendship that we have.”

It’s not like Meghan and Chris have totally shied away from the topic. She brought it up on a June episode of her podcast Workin’ On It—telling listeners, “We paid him. We’re like, ‘Please be on the team.’ He’s on the payroll.” Chris even joked in a recent video about Meghan renewing his contract “so we can be friends again.”



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