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Keyshawn Johnson Says He Is Disappointed With 1 Former NFL Player

ESPN personality Keyshawn Johnson looks on before the last regular season game played at Candlestick Park between the San Francisco 49ers and the Atlanta Falcons on December 23, 2013 in San Francisco, California.
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The Kansas City Chiefs just lost a key element to their success.

The Washington Commanders stole Eric Bieniemy away, and while he still won’t get the chance to lead a franchise of his own, he’ll get a bigger paycheck and a slight raise in position as well.

However, former Chiefs RB LeSean McCoy believes the Chiefs will be just fine without their Offensive Coordinator.

Per the NFL standout, Bieniemy did little-to-nothing for the Chiefs anyway, as HC Andy Reid was in charge of calling the plays more often than not.

Needless to say, those comments raised plenty of controversies and fueled criticism on social media, with current and former Chiefs players taking shots at McCoy for those comments.

Unsurprisingly, former NFL player Keyshawn Johnson didn’t seem to care for his comments, either:

“You don’t need to jump on and down on Eric Bieniemy because he’s not calling the plays 100% of the time. You do know that he’s calling plays at times throughout the course of the game,” Johnson. “I’m disappointed in McCoy.”

He claimed to be disappointed in McCoy for even going there, pointing out the fact that he’s just mad at Bieniemy for not giving him any touches in the 2019 playoffs.

McCoy was at the backend of his career when he joined the Chiefs, so it’s not a surprise to see that Bieniemy didn’t put the football in his hands as often as he was used to.

But even if that’s the case, there’s absolutely no reason to take a shot at one of the best offensive minds in the league and a former colleague just because you’re salty.

Shady McCoy should know better than that, especially given how much Bieniemy has struggled to get the recognition he so clearly deserves.

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