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NBA Analyst Makes His Thoughts Clear On Load Management

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The NBA has a problem when it comes to “load management” in the league.

For many years now there have been star players sitting out games for rest purposes.

Some of the key players carry a heavy load on a nightly basis to help their teams win.

That leads to them taking random games off throughout the year just to rest their bodies.

Load management has become a massive problem for the league.

Fans come to these games to see their favorite players play and when they do not it is a disappointment.

ESPN analyst Stephen A Smith says the players resting does not look good from the perspective of a fan.

The star players seem comfortable sitting out games and not playing for the fans.

Fans pay a lot of money to come to these games to see the stars.

But that one night might be when their favorite player decides to sit out.

It is a bad look for the NBA and the players.

But, the problem for the NBA is that teams might not be entirely truthful about players’ injuries that allow them to sit out that night.

So the league can not fine the player or team if they show up on the injury report.

It would be best for the league if they can get their healthy players to play every night.

Not only would it make the fans happy, but the product on the floor would be better.

Some players do whatever they can to take the floor each night, but not everyone.

Finding some way to get the best players on the floor night after night must come to the forefront.

Making the fans happy should be a priority for the NBA teams as they are the ones spending the money.

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