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Summer House’s Danielle Olivera & Robert Sieber Break Up

One Summer House couple has gone their separate ways.

Danielle Olivera confirmed she and boyfriend of two and a half years Robert Sieber are no longer together.

“We broke up in November—it’s still hard to say out loud,” the Bravo star exclusively told E! News. “It’s sad, but I’m finding my happy slowly but surely. I have a lot of really great friends, even the girls on the show. They’ve been so, so nice to me.” 

Despite their split, the tech entrepreneur added that “there’s no animosity” between her and Robert.

“There’s still a lot of love there and mutual respect, but it just wasn’t working out,” Danielle continued. “If we can’t be happy together, then we have to find our happy separately.”

As for the reason for their breakup, the NYC-based reality star credited part of it to Robert’s high-demand job as a chef in Aspen, Colorado.

“Our relationship definitely suffered a bit because there wasn’t enough time and I would keep things in and then they would obviously explode in the wrong ways,” she explained. “I’m not the easiest person to be in a relationship—I am awesome—but I expect a lot also. His career is amazing and I’m so proud of him. Do I wish things were different? Yeah, but that’s life.”



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