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AJ Michalka Reveals Why Being Hayley Orrantia’s Bridesmaid Is So Easy

AJ Michalka might be in for the easiest bridesmaid duty in modern wedding history. 

After her former Goldbergs co-star Hayley Orrantia got engaged in June 2022, AJ knew a phone call wasn’t far behind. 

“We always told each other throughout the years, ‘Oh, you’re bridesmaid material, this is probably going to happen,'” AJ exclusively tells E! News. “And now it’s happening for her and I can’t wait to do the same.”

So, with wedding planning in full swing, things must be quite chaotic and for AJ, Hayley and the rest of the bridal party, right? Not so fast, says AJ, who has been dating boyfriend Josh Pence since 2017.

“All of it is booked,” AJ reveals. “She has a particular maid of honor who is so on it and has created Google Docs and travel plans and [says], ‘This is what the bachelorette will look like and the shower and the wedding.’ It has been awesome.”

It pays to have organized friends!

“I’m a bridesmaid of 10 because Hayley has a really big friend group,” AJ explains. “I think I’m one of the only L.A.-based girls. I think most of the friends are like Nashville or Texas. I’ve been able to just cruise because there’s a maid of honor that’s just really handling the details. I can’t wait to just jump in and be on the ride with her.”



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