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John Legend Shares What Has Made Him “Emotional” Since Welcoming Esti

In fact, as Luna and Miles have gotten older, the family bond has only become stronger. 

“When Miles was born, we were given all this advice about how to bring him home from the hospital to Luna,” John explained. “She was 2 years old when he was born. But we didn’t do any of that for Esti, I think because the kids are older now and they just kind of get it, and they’re more secure in who they are. They weren’t that worried about losing us to Esti. They know we have plenty of love to go around.”

Luna and Miles have also showed signs of taking after their parents’ artistic pursuits, particularly when it comes to creativity.

“Luna’s very creative visually,” John noted. “She loves painting and creating visual art. She likes to build things. Miles loves to build things as well. Luna really loves music and sings along with the music in the car and likes to dance.”



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