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Sex/Life’s Sarah Shahi and Adam Demos Detail Real Life Romance

You know what they say, (sex) life imitates art.

At least that’s the case for Sex/Life stars Sarah Shahi and Adam Demos, who fell in love while filming season one of the Netflix series. In fact, Sarah admitted exclusively to E! News that working with her boyfriend is “one of her favorite things.”

As she put it, Adam is one of her “all-time favorite scene partners.”

“With him, it’s just that easy,” she shared on Feb. 22. “I just have to look at him and 99 percent of my work is done for me.”

Sarah continued, “I’m falling in love with the person in real life, but I’m falling for the person on camera. It just created that extra bit that seeped through the lens. Maybe that’s what people loved so much.”

Adam wholeheartedly agreed. “Outside of how I feel about her personally, she’s such an incredible talent that I’m watching and I’m learning,” he stated. “To be able to work with someone of her caliber, I feel very lucky, fortunate. But then also, I love her so much. There’s a lot of layers to it.”



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