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Katy Perry Headbangs Her Hair Extensions Out on American Idol

You can tell her hair to hit the floor.

Okay, so those aren’t quite Billy Ray Cyrus‘ lyrics to his 1992 debut single, “Achy Breaky Heart”—but they might as well be based on Katy Perry‘s latest American Idol moment.

In a sneak peek of the Feb. 26 episode, the “Part of Me” singer loses a part of her look thanks to auditioner Madison and her guitar. As Katy puts it in E! News’ exclusive teaser, “I rocked ‘n rolled too hard.”

Naturally, fellow judge Luke Bryan uses the moment to give himself a mullet, much to Katy and Lionel Richie‘s amusement.

The country singer then makes the most of the impromptu hairstyle by performing a quick cover of Cyrus’ signature song, complete with hairography. The madness continues until the very last second, when Luke accidentally bumps the crew’s boom mic with Madison’s guitar.

However, Lionel’s enjoyment of the wardrobe malfunction doesn’t last for long. That’s because Katy eventually lays the stray hair on his head, saying, “You have been given the crown.”



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