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Swarm Trailer: Beyoncé-Like Pop Star Idolatry Turns Deadly

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You’ve heard of the Beyhive, now meet the Swarm.

In the Feb. 24 trailer for Prime Video’s Swarm, Dominique Fishback plays Dre, described by the streamer as “a young woman obsessed with the world’s biggest pop star who sets off on an unexpected cross-country journey.”

As it turns out, that pop star named Ni’Jah—played by Nirine S. Brown—bears a striking resemblance to Beyoncé

“She is not like everybody else,” Dre says. “She knows what we’re thinking and she gives it a name. She’s a goddess.”

The trailer for the show, created by Donald Glover and Janine Nabers, sees Dre opening up a credit card to purchase extremely pricey tickets to Ni’Jah’s tour—likely an all-too-real scenario for anybody who has tried buying Renaissance tour tickets. 

However, when Dre’s sister Marissa—played by Chloe Bailey—tells Dre that she can no longer worship Ni’Jah in the same way, Dre falls even deeper into Ni’Jah’s rabid group of supporters called the Swarm.

As she starts to slip into the fandom mayhem, those around Dre warn her that things are not as they seem, with one person saying, “They are not your friends. Those are some crazy ass fans.”



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