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Lana Del Rey Reveals Why She’s Barely on Collab With Taylor Swift

One night a few moons ago, Taylor Swift and Lana Del Rey teamed up for a collaboration.

The result was “Snow on the Beach,” the fourth track off Taylor’s 2022 album Midnights. Though Lana was credited as a featured artist, fans were a bit surprised to hear her signature voice only in the background of the song.

Now, Lana—which co-wrote the tune with Taylor and producer Jack Antonoff—finally set the record straight on why she provided vocal support for Taylor instead of getting her own solo verse. As it turned out, the “Summertime Sadness” singer had “no idea I was the only feature.”

“Had I known, I would have sung the entire second verse like she wanted,” she explained in a Billboard interview published Feb. 24. “My job as a feature on a big artist’s album is to make sure I help add to the production of the song, so I was more focused on the production.” 



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