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In Defense of “Boring Bachelor” Zach Shallcross

How refreshing is it to see Zach constantly trust his instincts and just (gasp!) send a woman home when he wants to, not waiting for a producer to possibly convince him to keep a great-for-TV contestant around for a few more weeks of content?

Our jaws hit the floor when he didn’t give a rose to single mother Christina Mandrell—born to be left on an island during a two-on-one date—in week three. We legitmately guffawed when he literally told Brianna he had no interest in hearing the name of the person she was having issues with in the house, so long as their issues were already resolved. We applauded (okay, we tapped the side of our wine glass) when he immediately spoke to Anastasia after she was accused of being on the show to gain social media followers. 

Zach is sharply decisive, often in ways that a lead isn’t allowed (or sometimes doesn’t allow themselves) to be, and we can’t help but respect his zero-tolerance policy when it comes to B.S. Just look at this response he gave to Greer—hilariously via Zoom after he had COVID-19 and was forced to do a virtual cocktail party—when she compared his situation to the time she almost missed her sales goal at work due to coronavirus. 

“I think it’s completely different, at least in my perspective, me being frustrated in finding my future wife, versus… the close of the quarter,” he said. “In a few short weeks, I could be standing in front of my person, and that means a lot more to me than the end of a sales quarter.”

In his interview with Rolling Stone, Zach explained how he was more than okay with being called boring based on the decisions he’s making on theshow. 

“If you’re into the unnecessary drama and stuff that’s just like ridiculous and doesn’t make sense,” he said, “then yeah, maybe I’m not the guy for you.”



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