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What is ADP Job Report?

The ADP Job Report is a monthly report published by the commercial payroll company Automatic Data Processing (ADP). The ADP Employment Report provides insights into the labor market. ADP Job Reportprovides an in-depth analysis of the total number of jobs created by U.S. employers. It also helps identify emerging trends in hiring and unemployment.

The report, based on surveys of large companies, small businesses and franchises, is considered a reliable measure of private-sector job growth. The ADP job report is released two days ahead of the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) monthly payroll report. Both reports often show similar results, but there are some differences.

The report is important because it gives investors an early look at where the U.S. economy is headed. If the report shows that a large number of jobs were added in the previous month, it could be a sign that the economy is improving.



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