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Macklemore Details What Led to His “Very Painful” Relapse

“It definitely was a reminder that whatever I put in front of my recovery will be the first thing that I lose,” Macklemore admitted. “I think, for me, it’s not a linear path. It’s the one disease that tells you, ‘You don’t have a disease.'”

He noted that along with trying his best and making mistakes along the way, “There’s some [mistakes] in the future too, somewhere along the line, in some capacity with my life but I just want to be able to share that with the people that I love and that follow me.”

Macklemore—whose third studio album Ben comes out March 3—reflected on how his struggles have played a part in his music.

“The relapse was an opportunity for me to get back to that place of, ‘Okay, what went on?'” he shared. “Let me talk about it and let’s get vulnerable.”




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