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How to choose the best lawn mower?

Depending on the power supply and the operating mechanisms, there are several types of lawn mowers. We present below their main characteristics and the selection criteria that it is recommended to take into account in order how to choose the best lawn mower for your needs.

Types of lawn mowers

How to choose the best lawn mower.

Manual lawn mowers

They are suitable for smooth, small surfaces, up to 100 square meters. They have the most affordable price of all types of lawn mowers, with the maintenance costs also being the lowest.

Electric lawn mowers

There are machines recommended for medium-sized surfaces, between 100 and 600 square meters, but they can also be used for smaller spaces. They are ergonomic and different from lawnmowers with a thermal engine, they are quieter. The disadvantage is the power cable. You need access to an outlet and many meters of cable, especially for large surfaces.

Lawnmower with batteries

It is a comfortable device to use.

It gives you freedom of movement, but depending on the model used and the work surface, the batteries may require repeated charging during a single use. The industry has registered a real progress and the recently produced models of lawn mowers with batteries offer increased efficiency.

Gasoline lawnmowers

Works on the basis of fuel, without a power cord, thus offering total freedom of movement.

The ranges of gasoline lawn mowers are available in an extensive portfolio, both professional and hobby.

It can be used for large surfaces, between 600 and 2500 square meters. Models of gasoline lawn mowers with or without self-propulsion are easy to handle, regardless of their size.

The disadvantages of these devices are the noise produced (they are noisier than other types of machines, but in recent years technology has advanced a lot and the resulting products are increasingly silent), the smell of the released noxes, but especially the maintenance that requires some technical knowledge. It will be necessary to make periodic revisions that require changing the oil, filters, or spark plugs, but it depends on the degree of wear accumulated after use.

Lawn tractors

They are machines recommended for large surfaces because they are easy to handle: all you have to do is sit on the seat of the machine and drive it around the entire workspace. There are lawnmowers that usually run on gasoline.

Chainsaws and trimmers

Suitable for small and medium surfaces, because it involves more effort compared to other types of machines. Chainsaws and trimmers can be used for agricultural land or uncultivated areas covered with different types of weeds that cannot normally be cut with a lawnmower.

How to choose the best lawn mower: Basic criteria

The surface of the lawn

When you want to buy a lawnmower, after you have chosen the model you consider suitable, pay attention to the manufacturer’s specifications regarding the working surface.

For example, lawn mowers, trimmers, or electric mowers are recommended for plots of up to 100 to 600 square meters, while for surfaces over 600 square meters, it is recommended to use a petrol lawnmower, and for those over 1000 sqm takes into account a tractor. For areas smaller than 100 square meters, a manual or electric lawnmower will be enough, if the land is level.

The capacity of the collector bag (basket).

All electric or fuel-powered lawnmowers are equipped with a collector bag. However, pay attention to the capacity of the container (n.r. the capacity is expressed in liters) to be optimal for the surface you have to clean. In general, depending on the size of the cars, collector bags can be between 20 and 100 l (professional models, dedicated to very large surfaces, can have even more).

Engine power

Engine power is expressed in watts (W) or kilowatts (kW) for electric cars or in horse power (HP) for gasoline cars. The power of the lawnmower influences the efficiency and speed of work and must increase along with the area to be mowed. A good electric car usually has between 1200 and 1700 W, a petrol one at least 3 HP, and a lawn mower at least 5 HP.

Cutting width

It’s an aspect that shows how fast I can mow the lawn with that machine. The cutting width is expressed in cm and, more precisely, it helps you estimate the time you will mow the grass on a certain surface.

The cutting width is directly proportional to the motor power: the higher the power, the more the cutting width increases. The width is generally between 20 and 60 cm for electric cars and up to 90 cm for gasoline ones. For small surfaces, a machine with a width of less than 30 cm is sufficient, for medium surfaces you need a cutting width of 30-40 cm, and for large spaces, those with a width of 40-90 cm are recommended.

Cutting height

It is recommended to choose a machine where the mowing height can be adjusted in several steps. Thus, you will be able to cut the grass at the desired height, which gives you the opportunity to control the growth height of the grass.

Operating autonomy

An aspect that must be checked only for electric cars with a battery or those with an internal combustion engine. It is a factor that indicates the area that can be continuously mowed with a single battery charge or a single full tank of fuel. For the most comfortable and efficient use, it is preferable to opt for a clipper with as much autonomy as possible.

The idle speed of the blades

It is usually noted in revolutions per minute, and the higher this value is, the higher the density and thickness of the vegetation that can be cut.

Motor overload protection

It is a safety function that protects the engines of gasoline and electric cars. When thicker wires get tangled between the cutting blades, roots, or stem that cannot be cut, or when the device bogs down, the engine stops completely or the blades are disengaged. In this way, the machine is protected from accidents and malfunctions.

Do you know how to choose the best lawn mower now?



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