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Sports category leaves Jeopardy! contestants stumped

These Jeopardy! contestants failed to answer any sports-related questions

As Thursday’s eventual Jeopardy! winner Caleb so eloquently put it “the internet’s going to love that!” and he’s correct, unlike him and his two opponents during the “High School Reunion Tournament” who were at answering sports questions. The category “In The Sport” listed more peculiar sports terms relating to one individual sport and the contestants had to identify it. For a basic sports fan, getting four of five would be no problem. Getting at least two seems serviceable for someone smart enough to appear on America’s best-known quiz show. These smarties combined for zero correct responses out of five.

In the Sport | Category | JEOPARDY!

The only difficult one of the round listed the terms “chukker, gag bit, mallet, and a lot of money” with two wrong responses being provided of roulette and horse racing. Host Mayim Bialik was hoping to hear the right guess of polo. All three didn’t even try to guess the clues for hockey and boxing. Caleb thought “best ball, casual water, closed faced, and shank” referred to water polo. I see why you thought that, but no. Not even close. And to finish out the category, Caleb chose the clue because “I want to get rid of it.” As if that isn’t the point to the game show in the first place. And to finish “inherited runners, appeal play, and pickoff” didn’t ring a bell for any of them. And that was the easiest one of the round. Sports categories are rare on Jeopardy! and these three made the case that they should be extinct. Well done. 



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