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Dwight Howard is a 3-point threat in Taiwan’s T1 League

Dwight Howard: Deep threat?

Dwight Howard: Deep threat?
Photo: AP

In what universe did any NBA fan ever think they’d hear Dwight Howard’s name followed by the phrase, three-point sniper? I’m still in disbelief typing this, but it took Howard traveling to Taiwan and playing in the T1 League for this to happen. On Tuesday, Howard participated in the T1 League three-point contest and posted 15 points. That’s much better than anyone would expect from a guy who could barely sink free throws in the NBA.

Thus far in his first season playing for the T1 League, Howard has made 10 of his 38 three-point attempts. That’s not great at just over 26 percent but compared to the 22 he made during his NBA career, he’s on a good track. Alongside his strong showing in the three-point contest, Howard also dominated the league’s first All-Star game, dropping 37 points, 13 rebounds, eight assists, and two steals. He was also named All-Star game MVP.

And if you’re wondering why Howard was entered in the three-point shootout in the first place, it’s because this is the league’s first All-Star extravaganza, and Howard’s name has star power coming from the NBA. So, as a league that started in 2021, you want as many eyes on your All-Star weekend as possible. In his first season for the Taoyuan Leopards, Howard is averaging 25.6 points, 14.4 rebounds, and six assists per game.



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