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Tiger Woods, Aaron Rodgers, Lauren Boebert, and more

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If you’d like to waste several minutes of your life that you can never get back, then Aaron Rodgers’ weekly segments on The Pat McAfee Show are for you. The thing you‘ve got to understand about Rodgers is that he is an idiot’s idea of a smart guy. Meanwhile, McAfee supports his ego and delusions for the ratings.

For example, take his most recent exchange with the titular host for example. During an exchange that was so dumb that it made me wonder if it was actually performance art, Rodgers questioned whether the unidentified flying objects being shot down in recent weeks were a distraction from recent events.

“It’s interesting timing on everything,” said Rodgers. “There’s a lot of other things going on in the world.”

Yes, “THINGS ARE HAPPENING IN THE WORLD” is an astute observation to make about a planet with seven billion people co-existing in an interconnected society. As people who exist in the world, we can confirm.

The shallowness of Rodgers’ ideas was most glaring when he posited that spy balloons were a deflection from Epstein case-related court docs, which he believes implicated elites in sex trafficking. However, the government’s “distraction” excuse for simple-minded conspiracy kooks should have grown old around 15 years ago.

Today, we’ve got 24/7 television news organizations of varying repute at our fingertips on Twitter, newsletters, and podcasts, plus there’s an 80/20 chance you’re reading this on your phone. If Rodgers is distracted that easily, it’s a personal problem, not a societal one. Besides, if the government was covering up the UFOs being shot out of the sky and the media refused to report on it, Rodgers would claim that was the real conspiracy.

After McAfee entertained Rodgers’ delusions by transitioning to the recent train derailment and toxic spill in East Palestine, Ohio, Rodgers fumbled through an uninformed answer, then quickly pivoted to the Epstein client list, speculating that the UFOs were a cover story to blunt the impact of that document’s release.

Rodgers has a functional IQ, but he’s also a dilettante who lacks the critical thinking skills to fully develop expertise in whatever subject matter he’s fixated on at the time.



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