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Last night’s most exciting games in the NBA

Donovan Mitchell was fired up in Cleveland.

Donovan Mitchell was fired up in Cleveland.
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We here at Deadspin understand that you need to get those REM cycles in, in addition to catching up on The Mandalorian, The Last Of Us, the Great British Bakeoff, or whatever else the kids are watching these days. For those of you who cashed it in early, here are the four most exciting NBA games that you might have missed last night

Hawks vs. Heat: Trae Young rebounded after his ghastly 15.4 percent from the field against the Heat on Saturday. He put up 25 points on 53 percent shooting. For the Heat, Duncan Robinson recorded a double-digit point total for the first time this season. A finger injury has bothered him for most of this season but he scored 14 points and went 3-4 from three. Heat won 130-128.

Celtics vs. Cavs: The Celtics were on the second half of a back-to-back. Following that double-overtime loss to the Knicks, they sat Al Horford and Jayson Tatum. The Celtics still battled but lost 118-114 in overtime. Grant Williams had a chance to give the Celtics the lead with two free throws with 0.8 seconds remaining in regulation. There was a delay on the first free throw attempt that gave Donovan Mitchell some time to talk trash before the first attempt. Williams missed it and then both teams subbed in players which left him at the line longer. He missed and the game went to OT.

Blazers vs Pistons: After scoring 41 points on Sunday in a win against the Magic, Lillard recorded a 31-point 13 rebound 12 assist in a 110-104 win against the Detroit Pistons and made six 3-pointers. The Blazers have the same record as the Lakers, but are currently in possession of the final Western Conference play-in spot.

Raptors vs Nuggets: With 28 seconds left in the game, referee Scott Foster went full Scott Foster. A foul was called on Jakob Poertl and Scottie Barnes said something but didn’t appear demonstrative. Foster ejected him with only one technical foul. Foster’s explanation “he used verbiage that directly questioned the integrity of the [officiating] crew. The Nuggets won 118-113.

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