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Flyers’ Tony DeAngelo spears Corey Perry with stick

This fucking guy

This fucking guy
Photo: AP

How bad do you have to mess up for several hockey players to try to fight you at once? In the case of Philadelphia Flyers defenseman Tony DeAngelo, the 5-on-1 attack was warranted. During Tuesday night’s game against Tampa Bay, and the Lightning pretty much having the game wrapped up, DeAngelo decided to involve himself in the customary post-whistle jostling that takes place in hockey. After the usual couple of shoves and rounds of trash-talk, hockey players usually sing Kumbaya and move on with their lives. DeAngelo’s dumbass decided to ramp things up unnecessarily by ramming the blade-end of his stick into the manhood of Lightning forward Corey Perry.

After the dogpile of players was disassembled with under three minutes to go in the contest, DeAngelo was given a major penalty for spearing and was ejected from the game. Don’t feel sorry for him because he got tackled to the ice and got teed off on once prone. Don’t come to the aid of Perry either, who has been suspended three times in his NHL career for dirty plays, most recently in 2020 for elbowing then-Predator Ryan Ellis.

Per the Philadelphia Inquirer’s Olivia Reiner, DeAngelo wasn’t aiming for the groin and it was in retaliation to Perry’s game-long trash talk. The NHL Department of Player Safety has a hearing with DeAngelo scheduled for Wednesday, with a multiple-game suspension likely looming for the Flyers’ defender. DeAngelo has been suspended once prior in his NHL career, for three games in 2017 after making physical contact with a referee. DeAngelo was also previously suspended three times in junior hockey, playing in the Ontario Hockey League. DeAngelo is also a proud MAGA shithead and apparent racist who was reportedly punched in the face by a Rangers teammate shortly before that team placed him on waivers.



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