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TikTokers Amelie Zilber and Blake Gray Break Up After 2 Years

Amelie asked fans to “please just be nice to us” in the wake of the split, adding that “I’m gonna be a mess, but time heals all.”

“So, that’s my skin care routine,” Amelie jokingly concluded her video. “All I do is that. I’m on accutane, so I have to just use moisturizer. I’m wishing you well, and I love you. Thank you for supporting us, and I’ll see you soon.”

In the clip’s caption, Amelie said she “might not be myself” right now, but was “excited to take you along this new journey with me.”

The post comes as the two shared statements announcing their breakup over the weekend, per People.

“We will always be there for each other and look fondly on the love we shared,” they wrote on their respective Instagram Stories. “No one is at fault, and we came to this decision mutually.”



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