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Would Succession’s Nicholas Braun Star in a Spinoff? He Says…

Nicholas Braun has heard your calls about a Cousin Greg spinoff loud and clear.

The actor, who plays the fan favorite on HBO’s Succession, doesn’t think a continuation of his character’s story will be necessary—but that doesn’t mean he’s not open to the idea. 

“I think you’ll get all the Cousin Greg and Tom (Matthew Mcafadyen) you need this season,” Braun told E! News March 5. “But of course I’d play Greg forever if [Succession creator] Jesse Armstrong lets me. He’s been a great guy to be inside.”

If Braun seems hesitant about a potential spinoff, it might be because he’s still processing the fact that Succession‘s upcoming fourth season will be its final one.

“I learned about the news late in the season,” he revealed. “We had a feeling it could be early on, but Jesse never said, ‘This is definitely the end.’ I think he was not even totally sure until he started writing some of the later episodes.'”



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