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Shannon Sharpe drops F-Bomb on TV

Shannon Sharpe said “fuck” on TV

Shannon Sharpe said “fuck” on TV
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Anyone familiar with Undisputed on FS1 knows about the contentious relationship between co-hosts Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. While shows like Undisputed are frequently blasted for being over-scripted, Sharpe and Bayless shared an unscripted moment on Thursday morning’s show.

The NFL Hall of Famer dropped the four-letter no-no while talking about the Clippers and Russell Westbrook. Ask any Clippers fan about rooting for that team, and they’ll tell you about dropping plenty of F-bombs over the past few years. Now that management has decided to jam Westbrook into the equation, the number of swears dropped per game has probably increased.

The part of this whole on-air debacle that should be surprising to most is that Shannon wasn’t hurling this F-bomb directly at Skip. Entering 2023, the odds of why Sharpe would curse on-air would’ve been heavily in Bayless’ favor following some of their interactions late in 2022. Although they’ve since squashed any lingering beef, everyone knows Bayless is an irritant and will only play nice for so long.

Shannon Sharpe Pulled Skip Bayless Aside to Mend Their Relationship

It sounds like Sharpe was able to be the bigger man in this situation and prompted the sit down with his co-host. But I still wouldn’t rule out another F-bomb the next time Bayless steps out of line and craps all over Sharpe’s football legacy in backing Tom Brady or whoever else he’s fanboying over. 



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