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Los Angeles Rams QB Matthew Stafford reportedly being shopped

The Los Angeles Rams are reportedly shopping QB Matt Stafford

The Los Angeles Rams are reportedly shopping QB Matt Stafford
Photo: Butch Dill (AP)

There’s one quarterback situation in the NFL that one would think is worthy of endless speculation. He’s a recent Super Bowl winner, plays in a massive market, and garnered two firsts, a second, and a capable starting QB on the trade market two years ago. If you haven’t guessed who I’m talking about already, don’t worry, he was in the art and the subhead for this story, and I honestly forgot about Matthew Stafford, too.

There have been rumors that he’s available, and despite what GM Les Snead says, it’s apparently Los Angeles who’s shopping him. The team is in tear-down mode after winning a Super Bowl a little over a year ago and bleeding out in the first five minutes trying to defend it, and this is what fans should expect out of owner Stan Kroenke.

The Rams are scrambling to get under the cap because the team’s title window slammed shut after they hoisted the Lombardi trophy, and the only blockbuster deals they’re exploring are ones where they’re shipping out the stars. We know Jalen Ramsey is on the block, and Snead was non-committal about receiver Allen Robinson and linebacker Leonard Floyd on Thursday.

The caveat? Nobody cares

Coach Sean McVay’s future was the lone persistent storyline from L.A.’s 2022 campaign, and it’s absolutely fucking wild that the Rams aren’t doing everything in their power to lock up one of the best young coaches in the game and ensure he’s a lifer. Now, it takes two to start a retirement rumor, and McVay certainly plays a role in all the air time spilled over whether he was going to retire.

I just feel like he knows as well as anyone what ownership’s stance is moving forward, and it’s becoming crystal clear that the higher-ups are no longer willing to spend like crazy to contend. This isn’t Joe Lacob and the Warriors, and Stafford isn’t Steph Curry, but L.A. just traded a boatload of assets to get him. I get it though. It’s time for the ol’ 15-year rebuild that St. Louis residents know so well.

It always felt like the Rams saw the window closing on this team, and were being as reckless as possible not to capitalize but to validate their place in the league. And while they did come through with a ring, I’m not sure the Rams are who Kroenke or the NFL thinks they are. L.A. won a Super Bowl, and got to act like a first-rate franchise. But football fans know the truth. And the truth is, nobody gives a fuck about the Rams.

Colin Cowherd said Stafford is the best QB in the NFC on Thursday, and it didn’t melt anybody’s feed. Think about if he had shouted that about one of the clubs in the NFC that does matter a Philadelphia, a Dallas, a San Francisco. Only one of those teams has a player worthy of being in the discussion, but you get my point.

There are more Seattle Kraken fans than Rams fans. Opposing supporters flood SoFi every chance they get because tickets are always available. It was evident from Week 1 that L.A. had no interest in repeating, and even the few people who consider themselves Rams fans returned to their normal Sunday routines.

Los Angeles would trade Stafford if they could, but no one wants to take on $57 million guaranteed next year for that quarterback. He was in more Little Caesars commercials than games last season.

All this being said, the front office would be doing him a favor because if they thought they would try next year, their approach would not be that of a fire sale.

Deadspin is not committed to covering news about the Rams, but rather bitching about their pathetic man-boob of an owner, Stan Kroenke. For more diatribes about this useless organization, check out our Rams page.



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