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The guy Liv Morgan ignored at the Knicks game is a WWE employee

Liv Morgan explains her viral moment

Turns out we had it all wrong. WWE superstar Liv Morgan appeared on The Bump to discuss her viral moment from Tuesday’s New York Knicks-Charlotte Hornets game — and it wasn’t an awkward first date, or a random fan trying to mack it to her. It was actually WWE live event executive Justin Scalise.

“I have so many thoughts, I have so many things I want to say,” said Morgan, who had been caught on MSG cameras ignoring Scalise. “What a bizarre moment. It’s so weird to me, like, what goes viral and what doesn’t.”

The former Smackdown Women’s Champion added that the duo had no idea the cameras were on them.

“He was explaining something to me and I was watching the game and I was like listening but I was also kind of deep in my head, thinking my own thoughts,” added Morgan, real name Gionna Daddio.

The New Jersey native said her phone was blowing up after the footage went viral and apologized to Scalise, whom she called “awesome” and noted has been “a good sport” about the incident.

“Let’s say I was ignoring him,” Morgan posited. “It is Women’s History Month and we have every single right,” she continued to the laughs and applause of the show’s hosts.



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