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They turned stale pressers into moments we’ll never forget

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Should LeBron have thrown his money in our faces after playing some of the worst basketball of his career in the 2011 NBA Finals? He shouldn’t have. But that didn’t make what he said any less true, and any less satisfying for those of us frustrated with the vitriol he received all season for going to the Miami Heat in free agency.

Yes, those people who thunderously booed him in arenas across the NBA got to laugh at his shortcomings. Of course it’s a stain on his career that can never be removed. James will wear it forever no matter how many more championships he wins.

However, after that ugly series ended, he went home to a multimillionaire’s pad in South Florida. Now he is a billionaire with four titles, the NBA’s all-time scoring record, and plays for arguably the most storied franchise — the Lakers.

James was wrong but he was also oh so right, and his critics deserved that.



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