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Usher Announced as Super Bowl ’24 Performer With Kim Kardashian’s Help

Can you say, Yeah!

Usher will be the headlining performer of the 2024 Super Bowl Halftime show. Event sponsor Apple Music announced the news Sept. 24 with a couple of promo videos, including one showing Kim Kardashian telling the singer about his new gig over the phone.

“It’s Kim,” she says, as she gets her hair and makeup done. “I finally got the answer to those rumors. It’s not about me. It’s about you. You’re doing the Super Bowl.”

The SKIMS founder continues, “You’re playing the Apple Music Halftime Show in Vegas.”

Usher responds, “No, for real, don’t play like that,” to which Kim replies, “I don’t have time to play. One, I’m busy. Two, you’re doing the Super Bowl.”

The singer asks Kim how she knows, to which she says, “I know everything.”

The news comes two months after the Grammy winner concluded his second concert residency in Las Vegas, where the 2024 Super Bowl is set to take place Feb. 11. In the promo, Kim tells Usher that she’s seen him perform twice in the city and that “this one’s gotta be different.”



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