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See Devil Wears Prada Reunion With Anne Hathaway & Meryl Streep

Their mini-reunion comes 17 years after the beloved film hit theaters in 2006 and earned Meryl an Oscar nomination. And gird your loins, because just last year Anne—who played aspiring journalist-turned-assistant Andy Sachs in the movie—revealed what she thinks her character would be up to today.

“I think Andy is in Paris and I think that she is writing for a wonderful French women’s magazine,” the 40-year-old told E! News in 2022. “I think she’s a staff writer and she speaks French fluently. And I don’t think she’s married, but she might have a child or two. I think she’s pretty fab.”

But as for whether fans will one day see Andy reunite with Meryl’s iconic icy fashion editor Miranda Priestley, Anne’s not opposed to a sequel. One thing that is for sure is the Les Miserables star has yet to get the call to return.

“I’m so sorry to say that if there’s if that is going on, nobody’s told me,” Anne continued. “But I think that it would have to be a completely different set of people like the way that they’ve been doing TV series based on hit movies. I could see it possibly going in that direction, but I don’t know that any of us would be involved in it.”



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