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Why Selena Gomez Loves 10-Year-Old Sister Gracie’s Advice

There’s only family love in this building. 

Selena Gomez shared some insight into her bond with little sister Gracie Teefey while reflecting on her favorite way to have a mental health day. 

“Spending time with my little sister, Gracie,” the singer told her mental health organization Wondermind. “She’s so innocent and pure. She helps me keep perspective on life. It’s funny because she’s 10; I am 31, and even with such a big age gap I love her advice. She is very wise.” 

And Selena encourages anyone struggling with their mental health to lean on their loved ones.

“I don’t love giving advice because I don’t have all of the answers,” the Rare Beauty mogul, who’s spoken about her own mental health journey, continued. “I’d say, though, find a friend or a family member you feel comfortable talking with and open up about what you are feeling. It’s very freeing to open up to someone. There is so much strength in being vulnerable.”



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