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2023 Holiday Gift Guide: Moms

best gift guides for mom

Cashmere neckwarmer for cold winter days, $88, or this $15 Heattech version.

best gift guides for mom

A striped vase filled with bodega flowers, $72. These are cute, too.

best gift guides for mom

Calabrian chili oil — smoothy and spicy with three kinds of chiles — for drizzling on pasta, veggies, eggs, and pizza, or dunking bread in, like a boss. $22.

best gifts for moms

A wildly beloved suitcase for all her adventures, plus a reminder to come visit you. Comes in five colors, $130. (Always sells out quickly!)

best gifts for moms

Lovely hand creams, which my English cousins and aunts swear by, $33 for three. Perfect stocking stuffers or signature gifts. (Their soap also smells so good.)

best gifts for mom

One of the best books you’ve read this year, like Absolution, Oh My Mother, and Banyan Moon (by our beloved Thao Thai), from $16.

An ornament of the grandkids, $18/priceless.

best gifts for moms

Three floral pouches to make her bathroom and trips extra pretty, $90.

best gift guides for mom

Dark chocolate peppermint cookies, $29.

mean girls 2 movie

Tickets to see a play or film together, like the musical Mean Girls movie, coming out January 12th.

best gift guides for mom

A donation in her name to Moms Demand Action, which fights for public safety measures to protect people from gun violence.

best gifts for moms

A card saying how much you love her, since that’s all she really wants anyway. $5.50.

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